Who we are

Unifi Scotland

As a Scottish-based think tank, Unifi’s goal is to encourage and stimulate debate in the field of land and property in Scotland in order to promote a co-ordinated response to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

At present, the landscape in Scotland is changing: the Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act is now in force and there are plans to complete the Land Register in order that all of Scotland is mapped on a cadastral map. At the same time, local authorities are under increased pressure to respond to citizens’ needs. Demand for housing continues to grow, technology offers new ways of working, whilst the private sector continually strives to be more efficient.

These are just some of many challenges. We believe that, through a coordinated approach, we can provide a focus point for debate and discussion and make a meaningful difference to how the land and property sector develops.

It is our intention to work and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders, including, most importantly, the Scottish Government, and advise on relevant matters.

This web site is designed to act as a forum for this dialogue. Please browse through its pages, and contact us if you would like to contribute.

Working together, Scotland has the potential to become an exemplar of joined-up thinking across the sector of a modern and ‘fit for purpose’ solution to these challenges.  There are various examples of other countries having gone through this process and, in so doing, having increased the efficiency of their property systems with the added benefit of portraying to the world that they are good places to do business.

We look forward to discussing these issues with you.