The ‘big picture’

The 'Big Picture'In this paper Unifi Scotland calls for a pragmatic approach to property and fixed asset information in Scotland. It believes Scotland could take the lead and develop a co-ordinated and pragmatic approach to property and fixed asset information.

Scotland’s economy – in both the private and public sectors – is highly reliant upon the quality and availability of public sector land and property information. Transactions and information relating to property and fixed assets are key to delivering a wealthier, fairer, safer and greener Scotland. Regeneration, taxation, estate management, revenues and benefits, planning, building control and conveyancing all depend upon reliable, accurate and accessible land and property information.

In this paper Unifi Scotland contends that the time is right and the technology is available to develop a more pragmatic approach to the management of fixed asset and property information. This would not only respect the unique elements of the Scottish system but would demonstrate real value for money compared to other national initiatives in the UK.

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