Terms of Reference

Purpose of Unifi Scotland

  • Unifi Scotland (“Unifi”) is a Scottish-based think tank. Unifi’s role is to:
    • Promote the linking of land and property information in Scotland;
    • Encourage, stimulate and provide a focus point for debate in relation to the above and other issues in the land and property sector in Scotland; and
    • Work and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders, including, the Scottish Government, and provide advice to stakeholders.

Structure and Operation

  • Each of the following organisations will be represented by a member: The Law Society of Scotland; the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in Scotland; Ordnance Survey; the Council of Mortgage Lenders; Registers of Scotland and the Improvement Service. Other members will be invited to join by the Board.
  • A chairperson will be elected from amongst the members and shall remain as chairperson for a maximum of 2 years. The chairperson will organise all Unifi meetings and will create and circulate an agenda prior to the meeting.
  • Topics for the agenda will be generated by members in discussion with the chairperson.
  • The frequency of meetings will be as agreed by Unifi to achieve the objectives in a timely manner and will be reviewed as part of the annual review.
  • A meeting quorum will be half the members.
  • Decisions are normally reached by general agreement of the members present as determined by the chairperson, unless a vote is requested by any member. In the latter case, the vote shall rest upon a simple majority of those present and will normally be conducted by a show of hands. In the event of a tie, the chairperson shall have an additional casting vote.
  • The main forum for debate will be www.unifiscotland.com Final editorial control will rest with the chairperson, but no publication on behalf of Unifi will be released externally without majority member consent.
  • Other people may be invited to join meetings on a one-off basis to aid discussion of a particular topic, for example, as speakers, observers or invited guests.


The current members are:

Professor Stewart Brymer

Principal, Brymer Legal Limited and the University of Dundee

Personal appointee

Kenny Crawford

Commercial Services Director, Register of Scotland

Representing Registers of Scotland

Dominic Cuthbert

Strategic Development Manager, Ordnance Survey

Representing Ordnance Survey

Kennedy Foster

Policy Consultant, Council of Mortgage Lenders

Representing the Council of Mortgage Lenders

Heather Honeyman

Assessor for Fife Council

Scottish Assessors’ Association

Iain McKay

Improvement Service

Representing the Improvement Service

Alan Moore

Chief Executive and Director of thinkWhere

Representing thinkWhere

Ian Murning

Honorary Secretary, RICS Scotland

Personal appointee and former Chairperson

Brian Smith

Partner, Simpson & Marwick, Solicitors

Representing The Law Society of Scotland

Sarah Speirs

Director, RICS Scotland

Representing RICS Scotland


Unifi will review the relevance and value of its work and these Terms of Reference on an annual basis.

Amendment, Modification or Variation

These Terms of Reference may be amended, varied or modified in writing after consultation and agreement by the members.