Residential property review takes shape

The Society recently set up a working party to review the whole practice of residential conveyancing. Ross MacKay answers questions put by the Journal on what the review was set up to achieve.

What was the motivation for setting up the working party?

Basically, it became clear during the debates on separate representation that it is difficult treating that topic in isolation, and a feeling grew that what would be classed as the whole area of traditional residential conveyancing really should be looked at and reviewed for the 21st century. There’s an onus on the Society to be proactive, to try to consider this whole area to see what it can do not just in terms of lenders and borrowers, but a whole 360˚ review.

Who are the members?

What we’ve tried to do is get a working party of nine or 10 people, not just time-honoured conveyancers but people who represent a commercial view, academics plus small, medium and big-sized firms as far as residential conveyancing is concerned. We are also trying to get someone to represent the public interest. We’ve got most of the members on board but are still looking for one or two for the public interest.

Published in the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland.

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